Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the following persons:

  • Christophoros Papachristophorou son of Nikolaos, President of the Board of Directors (Executive Member)
  • Spyridon Makridakis son of Georgios, Vice President A’, Independent non-executive member
  • Aristotelis Karytinos son of Dimitrios, Vice President B’ & Chief Executive Officer (Executive Member)
  • Thiresia Messari daughter of Gerasimos, Executive member
  • Athanasios Karayiannis son of Dimitrios, Executive member
  • Nikolaos Iatrou son of Michail, Non-executive member
  • Georgios Kountouris, son of Evangelos, Non-executive member
  • Prodromos Vlamis son of Grigorios, Independent Non-executive member
  • Garyfallia Spyriouni daughter of Vasileios, Independent Non-executive member

The term of the above Board of Directors is set at three (3) years which commenced on 08.06.2021 and is extended until the first Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company that will take place after its expiry.

The Curricula vitae of the members of the board of directors can be found HERE

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