Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a collective body, established by the Company’s Board of Directors.  It consists of seven (7) members – one of whom is the Chairman of the Investment Committee – who are appointed by the Board of Directors, based on substantial relevant professional experience and recognition as legally required.

The Investment Committee is responsible for establishing the Company’s investment strategy, making decisions on the implementation of new investments, cooperation with any investment advisor of the Company, the monitoring of current investments, the liquidation of current investments and other related activities.

The term of the Investment Committee is three (3) years and may be renewed.

The Investment Committee currently consists of the following persons, as appointed by a resolution of the Board of Directors:

  • Christophoros Papachristophorou, Chairman
  • Aristotelis Karytinos, Member
  • George Kountouris, Member
  • George Constantinides, Member
  • Athanasios Karagiannis, Member
  • Alexios Pipilis, Member
  • Stamatis Sapkas, Member
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