The Company

Prodea Investments is the leading real estate investment company in Greece, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX). With total assets exceeding € 3.0bn, Prodea engages in real estate investments and is internally managed by experienced professionals with proven sourcing, execution and value creation track record.

PRODEA Investment has a well-balanced and diversified asset exposure, expanding into the best performing sectors of Greek Real Estate, including green offices, hotels, logistics and residential.

With the majority of its commercial portfolio located in prime urban areas throughout Greece and Cyprus and selectively positioned in other key markets in South East Europe, such as Italy, PRODEA Investments has a high-quality, high-yielding, diversified portfolio with predictable cash flows driven by high occupancy levels, long-term lease tenures and strong tenant base.

At the same time, Prodea boasts a, mainly, high end hospitality portfolio and aspires to become the leading player in the hospitality sector in its region, offering for the first time the opportunity for investors to get exposure, through Prodea, into this exciting and fast growing asset class.

The Company is supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Capital Markets Committee. Its operations are governed by the provisions of the articles 21-31 of Law 2778/1999 concerning “Real Estate Investment Funds and Companies”, as in force.

Additional relevant institutional framework includes Law 4548/2018, the stock market legislation as well as various regulatory provisions and decisions of the Capital Markets Committee and the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism

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